Making the Icon for
"Icon and Orbs on the Vine"

The following images will take you through the process of how the central element of this piece was created.  I call this shape an "ICON" and commonly use it as a fused element, but in this piece I wanted to explore its dimensional possibilities.

1.  I fused the painted fabric (front & back) to two layers of Peltex, then cut the needed shape.  The narrow "wings" of the icon are the remaining negative shapes .
2.  The main shape after the edges were finished with a satin stitch.
3.  I manipulated it in half and then pressed it with a hot steam iron in order to keep the crease. 
4.  I inserted the copper wire and will sew it down, creating a spine.  this will allow me to attach it to the flat area of the main body of the piece.
5.  Under the foot, I straight stitch the wire into the spine.
6.  Another view, as I sew over the seam again to reinforce it.
7.  Successfully stitched spine
8.  I  had to give it a bit of pressure in order to make the icon appear to "blossom" or "soar".  It is very stiff, so I know that it will retain the shape well.
9.  Back view
10.  Front view.
11.  After careful positioning on the main piece, I used fabric glue on one side of the icon to attach it to the main body of the work and weighed it down with whatever I had within reach.
12.  Closer look at how the icon is weighted down.  When the glue is dry, I will sew it down by hand.
13.  I will go through the same process with the wings of the icon.
14.  This is the piece on the floor of my work area as I weigh down the wings after gluing.  These will also have to be sewn down by hand.
15.  The completed icon element, with additional elements, all sewn down by hand.
38"H x 72"W (c) 2007 Sonji Hunt